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I have added one newly released still of Colin with co-star Jennifer Morrison from last night’s Once Upon A Time episode, 4×01 “A Tale of Two Sisters”. I have also added 107 captures of Colin from this episode.

Gallery Links:
Television Productions > Once Upon a Time (2012-Present) > Season 4 > Production Stills > 4×01 “A Tale of Two Sisters” Production Stills
Television Productions > Once Upon a Time (2012-Present) > Season 4 > Episode Captures > 4×01 “A Tale of Two Sisters” Episode Captures

Edit: I have added 5 medium quality, tagged stills of Colin on Good Day LA.

Gallery Links:
Television Appearances > 2014 > Stills > Good Day LA (September 22) Stills

I have added six high quality and five large images of Colin at the Once Upon A Time season 4 premiere on Sunday, September 21 at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. I have also added two dashing, high quality portrait images, from this event, to the gallery. Thanks to my friend Claudia for donating the high quality premiere images!

Gallery Links:
Photoshoots & Portraits > 011 (“Once Upon A Time” Season 4 Premiere Portraits)
Public Appearances > 2014 > September 21: “Once Upon A Time” Season 4 Premiere

Thanks to my friend, Ashley, I have added two high quality stills of Colin as Captain Hook, with co-star Jennifer Morrison as Emma, in the upcoming Once Upon A Time episode 4×01 “A Tale of Two Sisters”, airing on September 28 at 8PM on ABC.

Gallery Link:
Television Productions > Once Upon a Time (2012-Present) > Season 4 > Production Stills > 4×01 “A Tale of Two Sisters” Production Stills

In the season premiere episode, “A Tale of Two Sisters,” a scared and confused Elsa finds herself in Storybrooke and, fearful of the intentions of its residents, creates a powerful snow monster for protection. With Robin Hood’s wife, Marian, back in the picture, Regina wonders if her “happily ever after” with the former thief has been completely quashed; while on their honeymoon, Mr. Gold finds an intriguing object that makes him question whether or not he should officially give Belle control over the dagger that makes him The Dark One, and Hook is dismayed to discover that Emma seems to be avoiding him while she tries to help comfort Regina after being the one responsible for bringing Marian back from the past and into Storybrooke. Meanwhile, in Arendelle of the past, as Elsa’s sister Anna’s wedding to Kristoff nears, Anna discovers that their parents – who died on-ship during a violent storm – were heading to a mysterious destination in a quest that may have held the secret to containing Elsa’s out of control Ice powers. And against Elsa’s wishes, Anna wants to finish their journey to find out what they were looking for.

You can read the whole press releases here: Storybrooke Has Frozen Over; A Tale of Two Sisters

I apologise for being late on posting the first one here, personal issues were in hand when it was actually released.

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Once Upon a Time‘s Captain Hook is due for a makeover during Season 4, presumably keeping the guyliner while shedding some leather.

With the ABC series’ premiere still six weeks away — but on the occasion of the Season 3 Blu-ray and DVD sets hitting stores — TVLine spoke with Colin O’Donoghue about Hook’s adventures to date, what the bad boy buccaneer sees in good Miss Swan and more.

TVLINE | Watching the Season 3 Blu-ray set’s blooper reel, it appears that steering a galleon does not come naturally to you.
[Laughs] It came to me naturally, but I’d been steering it for a few hours at that stage – I wasn’t sure what direction I was supposed to be going!

TVLINE | Were you the star of any other outtakes that didn’t make the cut?
I’m sure there are probably a few choice words [Laughs] that didn’t make it on…

TVLINE | Looking back on Season 3, did you prefer one arc to another, for any reason?
Not really. I was excited when we started last season exploring the Neverland world, and I think we did it justice — it was fun to take someone like Pan and turn him into this creepy, malevolent figure. And the way that Wicked Witch was treated in the second half was brilliant. It was very clever how they put “two seasons” in one.

TVLINE | And you and Jen Morrison had that fun “Back to the Future” episode to close Season 3.
Yeah, that was fun. Jen and I had such a blast in all of those scenes.